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Our only witness drops out in a cyclist accident claim but we still get a good result

We settled a case involving a motor accident where our client was a cyclist intending to cycle along the Clerkenwell Road when a minicab turned left across her path in Farringdon Road.  He said that he wasn’t doing any such thing and that he was going straight ahead and that she had cycled into him and her evidence was to the contrary.

We did in fact obtain details of a witness who gave her information to the police and failed to turn up at the Court.  This witness refused to assist us.  The result of her not turning up at Court in the criminal proceedings was that the Defendant in our claim was acquitted which obviously strengthened his defence but again we persisted with the cyclist accident claim and ultimately the Defendants were forced to settle the claim which they did and the outcome was very satisfactory from our client’s point of view.

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