Scalding Accident At Work Claim

Often we can take things for granted, only to have them come back and bite us. Take for example things around us we are familiar with and use everyday, such as a tap. In workplace environments the function of some things may not be what we expect, and need to have instructions or warnings attached to them if injury could be caused by improper use. Take for example the case of a scalding accident at work claim we took on.

Scalding accident at work leads to £10,000 settlement

We acted for a client who suffered severe scalding to her hand from a boiling water tap. It was a special kind of tap which provides boiling water to make tea or coffee and she was working as a cleaning supervisor in offices where this tap was installed. She had no knowledge of the tap. It had a safety feature which prevented the water coming out without pressing two levers which was not working and the signage indicating that it provided boiling water was obscured.

When she turned on the tap intending to wash her hands boiling water came out and they were badly scalded.  We pursued both her employer and the company in whose office the tap was installed and they both blamed each other and they blamed our client and denied liability.

We issued proceedings in the Court and pursued the claim.  Both companies maintained their denial of liability but ultimately could not produce witnesses to support their defences and the claim was settled and our client received £10,000 damages, the companies having initially only offered her £2,000.
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