Tripping Accident Personal Injury Claim

Tripping accident personal injury claim on dance floor leads to £10,500 compensation settlement

We acted for a person who attended a wedding at a well known wedding hall in North London and was injured when he tripped on the metal edge of the dance floor and landed on the carpet. As a result of which he sustained a complex fracture in the base of his foot.  The party through their insurers denied liability and put forward an almost entirely bogus statement from one of their employees.  We obtained statements from various other people who had similar accidents at the venue and issued proceedings and put the maximum amount of pressure on the Defendant as a result of which they reluctantly agreed to settle the claim for £10,500 with which the client was very happy.

Watch out if you decide to have a John Travolta moment. If you do sustain injury from negligence by the organisers or venue hosts, let us know, we may be able to help you pursue a tripping accident personal injury claim.

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