Personal Injury

Accident claims involving construction site workers

With the UK building industry back in full swing, and with new initiatives to boost home building, work related accidents on building sites are and have always been a serious concern. So if you are a contractor and have sustained an injury, what compensations options are open to you?

Have you been injured while out walking?

Have you ever been out waling your dog or simply walking a long a public footpath, perhaps through a field of livestock, as can often happen? Have you thought about what happens if you are injured by an animal, perhaps a cow, bull or horse?

One of the most commonly reported accident claims relates to whiplash. However, new regulations have now changed the way that such cases are handled. Find out here what has changed about whiplash claims and how it could affect your case.

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What is considered a catastrophic injury?

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What do I do after a motorcycle accident?

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How to claim for an accident at work

Suffering an accident at work can be an incredibly stressful experience. Notwithstanding the severity of […]