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When dealing with commercial property as a landlord, the road is not always smooth. It’s a lucrative industry that comes with its fair share of issues, and to deal with them properly you need the services of a specialist commercial property solicitor.

Please Note: We Act Only For Landlords – We Do Not Represent Tenants.

Being the landlord of a commercial property can be very rewarding. With people running a business from your premises, you can rely on them staying as long as the property works for them, providing you with a stable, long-term tenancy. However, should the property no longer be suitable for their needs, you could face a far longer wait between tenancies than normal. With retention being such an important factor, it’s important therefore to get any problems sorted out as soon as possible.

At Romain Coleman, we understand the challenges you will be facing as a commercial landlord, and we’re highly experienced in all types of landlord and tenant disputes. Our commercial property solicitors are specialists in this area of law, and we can help you handle any commercial property problem, no matter what it is.

Commercial Tenant Issues

Leasing commercial property should be straightforward, but occasionally tenants do not comply with the terms of their lease. In these circumstances we can assist, providing advice on how we think you should proceed.

Although it may be possible to resolve your dispute directly with your tenant, you should be prepared to seek legal advice in case they do not respond, or do not fulfil their obligations.

Commercial Property Issues

At Romain Coleman, we have many years of experience in dealing with commercial property issues, and we can help you come to a resolution quickly and efficiently.
Some of the issues you may face include:

We can help with any of the issues listed above – or any other problem you are facing in relation to your commercial property.

Romain Coleman: Commercial Property Experts

With our experienced commercial property solicitors ready and waiting, Romain Coleman can give you clear, straightforward advice about the issues you are facing and talk to you about your legal position.

As commercial property solicitors based in London, we aim to be an accessible law firm to small and medium-sized business. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.

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Please Note: We Act Only For Landlords – We Do Not Represent Tenants.

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