Defending Property disrepair claims for Landlords

Throughout the years at Romain Coleman, we have gained experience in defending a number of property disrepair claims on behalf of landlords.

We take the time to understand the nature of the claim by your tenant, making sure you know exactly what course of action is required to get the most favourable result. Whether you are a private or commercial landlord, a local authority or a housing association, we can help you.

Please Note: We Act Only For Landlords – We Do Not Represent Tenants.

Claims against landlords not carrying out repairs

When faced with property that is not up to their standards, tenants will often make a disrepair claim accompanied by a claim for compensation. Often how you respond to this claim when it is received can influence the outcome, so it’s vital to make sure every communication is done with this in mind. Romain Coleman offers a free, no-obligation consultation, so if you’ve had a claim made against you then we are there to make sure that every response is exactly what it should be.

Compensation for property disrepair

If a claim is made for compensation, we can advise you of the validity of the claim, and the most economical course of action for you to take.

In many cases, tenant claims for compensation are unfair or unfounded. This might be the case if, for example, they never notified you that repairs needed to be carried out. Before you pay any compensation, you need to contact a specialist landlord solicitor.

We have defended disrepair claims ranging from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds, so whatever the value of the claim against you, we can help.

Contact Romain Coleman about disrepair claims

At Romain Coleman, we understand the challenges faced by landlords, and we are here to help. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service to landlords only, so you can be sure that we’re on your side. Even if you have not had a disrepair claim made against you, we can look at your current situation and tell you if your tenancy agreement contains vague wording, or if your record-keeping is insufficient. If your tenancy agreement is poorly written or you don’t have records to prove your repairs are adequate, you may be at risk of someone making a claim against you.

To talk to an experienced London property solicitor about disrepair claims, call Romain Coleman on 0208 520 4555 or complete our Online Form for your free, no-obligation enquiry.