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Accidents at work claims vary depending on the nature of your job, but what doesn’t change is the often serious nature of the injuries sustained.

If you have suffered an injury following an accident at work we offer a completely free initial enquiry. We have extensive experience of accidents at work and we know that we can provide you with a very high quality service, obtain the right amount of compensation for you AND ensure that you receive any necessary medical treatment.

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“Dear Mr DoltiesI would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been with the very high standard of service and expertise you have provided for me during the time you have acted on my behalf to recover compensation and indeed with the level of compensation you have secured for me. The advice and support you have provided has been excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending you personally to my friends, colleagues and family. Sincere thanks for your many endeavours on my behalf.”

Yours sincerely

Mrs K. C. – A Work Accident client who we obtained £10,000 for their injuries.

Our expertise in work injury claims

We will use all of the expertise we have acquired in helping work accident victims to recover compensation in our claim for you.

Previous claims completed include injuries sustained due to the following accidents at work:

  • cupboards falling on people’s backs
  • collapsing floors
  • defective machinery where guards have been removed or automatic cutout switches are faulty
  • falling off poorly footed ladders or of roofs
  • internal injuries caused by swallowing dishwasher fluid left in a drinking cup
  • office employees tripping over electric cables or catching fingers in collapsing equipment..
  • workmen tripping over concealed steps or of collapsing trestles.

Why do Accidents At Work happen?

So often the employer’s priority is maximising profit so it is tempting to to make shortcuts compromising the safety of their employees.

There is an infinite range of possibilities unfortunately because health and safety is often thought of as having the right paperwork. It is a question of common sense which is so often lacking in the work environment and as a result accidents and injuries occur all too frequently some of which can be life-threatening or have devastating consequences.

Why choose us?

As can be seen we have acted in a huge range of work accident claims and have recovered large sums of damages for our clients and obtained the rehabilitation which can encompass surgery, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and other therapies which is just as important damages in trying to put you back where you were before your accident to the extent that that is possible.

Legal costs

We will normally act for you on a conditional fee basis so that you recover the whole of your compensation with no deductions, so you have nothing to risk but much to gain from asking us to help you.

If you look at our case studies you will see details of several claims involving accidents at work ranging from the very common building site injuries to a client who was scalded when she turned on a tap which was a distributor of boiling hot water but where the warning label was obscured.

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Romain Coleman – Accident At Work Claims Solicitors in London.