Holiday Accident Claims

At last the day has arrived that you have been waiting for all year you are off on your holidays. You have booked a package holiday with Disastrous Tours who come highly recommended. The flight goes well and you arrive at the Hotel Bon Ami which seems reasonable although the service is somewhat lackadaisical and the place could do with a good clean and redecoration.

The hotel has extensive gardens which are poorly lit at night. You are walking with your children through the garden when suddenly you feel your foot fall into something and hear a crack from the area of your left ankle and crash to the ground fearing the worst.

The pain is excruciating and your wife and children are frightened. You realise you have fallen into a concealed manhole which had no lid. You cry out for help and no one responds and your family has to help you hobble back to the hotel and you call an ambulance.

They demand your credit card before taking you to the hospital. The hospital is primitive and again no treatment is offered until you proffer your credit card. Your ankle is is fractured and placed in a cast. The next day the less than helpful holiday rep from Disastrous Tours who can hardly speak English arranges at your expense an early flight home. The family holiday has been ruined and you have suffered serious injury and you should be compensated. We can help you.

Our Experience With Holiday Accident Claims

This is not a rare scenario sometimes the injuries are caused by food poisoning sometimes an accident in the hotel or at the airport or even on the bus transporting you from the plane to the terminal (as happened to one of our clients recently).

Whatever the nature of your holiday accident, we have considerable experience and will use this to obtain the right compensation for you in the fastest period of time possible.

Accidents on holiday or while travelling are always distressing and the law is complicated, but we will take care of all of the claim for your and guide you through the process from start to finish.

If you have purchased a package holiday then you can pursue your claim against the holiday company who arranged and promoted the package and sold it to you. Before these regulations existed it was necessary to pursue the foreign hotel for example which would involve you in the expensive and difficult course of instructing a foreign lawyer in the country where you were injured. This would put most people off pursuing the claim. That is no longer necessary you can now pursue the holiday company in the UK as long as that company is based in the EU.

There are somewhat more complicated procedures in pursuing a cruise company or airline but we have successfully pursued several claims of that nature.

Legal Costs

We will normally act for you on a conditional fee basis and you will recover the whole of your compensation with no deductions.

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