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You are walking around your local supermarket concentrating on finding the items you need and the meal you are going to prepare tonight when suddenly your left foot slides under you on something slippery on the floor and you land heavily in pain shock and also embarrassment. You try to get up but you find that you cannot move your left leg and the pain is excruciating. You are frightened and feel terribly alone. People gather around and someone calls the shop manager. She is not too sympathetic but after getting you to sign the accident book calls an ambulance and you are taken off to hospital and after a long wait are told you have fractured your left knee which may require surgery.

This is not as an unlikely scenario as you may think. People trip and fall in stores very frequently and suffer injury which on occasions may be quite serious. Regrettably the supermarkets and the insurance industry will do all they can to avoid paying by denying liability and even if they admit that they are liable by very hard to pay as little as possible by way of damages. Their primary duty is not to compensate injured parties but to maximise the interests of their shareholders and this should never be forgotten.

Our Supermarket Accident Claims Expertise

We have handled many claims successfully and recovered compensation for innocent supermarket accident victims.

Our job is to put you and your interests first to fight hard for you to achieve the best possible result by getting the most damages also treatment and rehabilitation when required. We always fight to get the highest possible settlement in every case.

Examples of our experience in trip and slip claims in supermarkets and other shops include slips caused by:

  • Discarded packaging
  • Fruit or vegetables left on the floor
  • Liquids

Our Costs

We will normally act for you on a conditional fee basis so that you will recover the whole of your damages with no deductions.

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