Pavement Accident Claims

We all know that the condition of the pavements in our towns and cities can leave a lot to be desired. It is all too easy to trip and fall and suffer serious injury. It is not unusual for our more senior citizens to trip and fall on defective pavements and suffer a fracture of the hip which could have devastating consequences and can even affect life expectancy. Hip replacement as a result of a tripping accident involves major surgery and is a traumatic and not a rare experience.

In many cases it is possible to pursue pavement accident claims against the Highway authority and although they defend these names with vigour one can often succeed and recover significant damages and also and this is often more important they can be forced to fund expensive rehabilitation.

Our Expertise In Pavement Accident Claims

We have considerable experience in pursuing claims arising from pavement trips and although these cases are never easy have a good success record in recovering damages for our clients who have been injured as a result of tripping on defective pavements. We have recovered damages from modest sums of a few thousand to 5 figure sums when our clients have been seriously injured.

We have handled successful pavement accident claims against highway authorities and also on occasions claims where the accident occurred on private land. In one notable case we were successful recovering damages for a client who was injured on an airfield which was being used for a Sunday market and had been affected by ice. We have also pursued a successful claim against the railway when someone tripped and fell on an icy station platform in October which is quite early in the year for ice.

Legal Costs

We will normally act for you on a conditional fee basis so that you will recover the whole of your compensation without any deductions.

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