What Information Is The Personal Injury Solicitor Going To Require From Me?

When you decide to make a personal injury claim, your solicitor will need to ask you for documentation to support your claim. Some of it may seem irrelevant or a bit off the wall, but all of it will assist your solicitor in making sure that you obtain the best possible settlement for your personal injury claim.

Some examples of the different types of supporting personal injury claim information are:

1. Insurance Policies:

Your solicitor will want to check all your insurance policies to see if you have additional legal expenses insurance, which is often sold with another insurance product like your home or motor policy. In addition, if you are making a claim for a road traffic accident, you will need your motor policy to support your insurance excess which you can recover from the other party.

2. Wages Slips or Accounts:

If you are employed and you had to have time off work because of your accident and you lost out on pay, you are entitled to claim this back in your compensation claim. You will need to prove your salary, and if you have also lost out on overtime and bonuses, this will need to be proven too, perhaps with a letter from your employer or wages slips showing your monthly overtime or bonus. If you are self-employed, you will need to provide 3 years of accounts so that your solicitor can arrive at an amount for your losses. You could also supply any paperwork or agreements for work that you were unable to carry out following your accident and injuries.

 3. Receipts:

Any expenditure you have had to make as a result of your accident can be claimed back, however you will need to provide a receipt to prove the value of the item and if you have already replaced the item, the receipt showing the amount of the purchase. This could be for a new child’s car seat, for treatment such as physiotherapy or for any prescription medication you needed for your injuries.

 4. Witness Statements:

You may be required to give a statement about the impact your accident has had on your life. You may not be able to go to the gym, or play a sport you love or perhaps you couldn’t cook or clean your house or care for you children as a result of your injuries. If so, a witness statement will help your solicitor when negotiating the settlement of your claim, or a judge when deciding on your award.

Whilst this is a relatively small list, there are many things which can help your solicitor to support your claim, so if you are not sure if something is useful, just ask.

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