Personal Injury Claims Process – In Court Experience

It is probably hard to imagine what it is like in a courtroom as most of us will never have had this experience. As a result, it can be quite a daunting prospect to consider that you may need to go to court and give evidence when making a personal injury claim.

Don’t let it put you off!

However, you should not let this put you off from making a claim or in fact worry you, as the likelihood of you actually having to appear in front of a judge is pretty slim.

The vast majority of accident claims fall into the new faster online claims process and therefore most cases will settle prior to going to court. However if your solicitor feels that the defendant insurer is not offering a fair settlement for your injuries, they may advise you that you should take the claim to court, which is also known as litigation.

The Judges determine the outcome

When you take a claim to court, you are leaving the decision about the amount of compensation award to the judge. The judges will act as an independent third party who has knowledge of the law and they will decide the outcome of your claim based on the facts.

In order to ensure that claim time is kept to a minimum in the faster online claims process, a judge will review the case outside of the court room, known as on the papers or during an oral hearing. In both cases, you will not be required to attend court or give evidence.

Attending Court – you’re not on trial

If your injuries are more serious though, you may be required to give an account in court. It is important to remember that you are not on trial, you are there to talk about your accident and more importantly, how the accident and your injuries have affected your life, your work life and that of your family.

In the event that you do need to go to court, your solicitor will ensure that you are prepared and that you know exactly what to expect and they will be there to support you throughout, but you should raise any concerns you have with your solicitor who can help answer your questions.


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