Under Settlement Of Personal Injury Claim

There have been some sweeping changes made by the government this year involving personal injury law. Some of these changes have meant that many law firms who deal with personal injury claims are using unqualified and inexperienced staff to run these claims to make cost savings, this may have led to under settlement of personal injury claims.

As a result, you may have actually lost out in your compensation award due to the unexperienced staff handling your claim under settling, or you may still be suffering from the effects of your injuries long after your claim has been settled.

“I have got no words that can express my feelings to our solicitor David Dolties, who took over this case in such a supportive professional manner.

He did an amazing job.”

Mr F

Alternatively, your claim may still be active but you may not have any faith in the firm you have instructed, nor the person handling your claim and you may be worried about how you can seek advice from another firm and whether this is even allowed.

We do understand how frustrating and upsetting it is if you think your solicitor firm is not acting in your best interests, but we can review your claim, even if it has settled already, and tell you whether or not your solicitor has under settled your claim.

My Claim Has Already Settled. Can You Still Help Me?

Yes, we can still help. We will review your claim, your injuries and the settlement you have received and then give you our opinion on whether the compensation you received was a fair settlement. If we feel that your claim has been under settled, we can advise you about making a claim for professional negligence against the solicitor who acted for you in the first place.

You may be unsure about entering into the legal process again, especially after you have experienced how lengthy it can be, but if your claim has under settled by a large amount or if you are still suffering from your injuries and there has been no award for this, then you really should consider the possibility of making a claim for professional negligence.

My Claim Is Still Ongoing. Can You Help Me?

Even if you have instructed another firm of solicitors and they are still working on your claim, we can review it and offer you advice on whether we think they have acted in your best interests. If we feel they haven’t and you would like to instruct us, we may be able to take over your claim for you.

Our Promise To You

We know how important it is when you have suffered a personal injury to be able to trust the solicitor you are working with and when they make a mistake or don’t act in your best interests then the trust is lost.

We promise to keep you informed at all stages of your claim, we promise that there will never be a conflict of interest with us acting for an insurer which you are claiming against as we do not act for any insurers and we promise that using our experience that we will try to get you the best settlement possible.

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