Making an amputation injury claim with Romain Coleman Solicitors

A life-changing effect

An amputation comes with devastating effects upon the body, including impaired dexterity and mobility, fatigue, lingering pains and vulnerability to infection. The mental scars can be even more damaging, causing trauma and depression, impairing your body image and damaging your social life. The most significant factor for many is often the realisation that you may have lost your financial independence, and must now plan your future accordingly.

Explaining your injury

No two amputations are alike, with symptoms varying from person to person. However, there are some more common ones that we’ve summarised here:

Physical symptoms – It is impossible to move about the world in the same way as before, and many simple tasks are suddenly difficult. Even the act of walking can be affected as the body’s balance has been altered. All this can lead to fatigue as the patient relearns how to move about in their world.

Amputees often experience pain in the remaining part of the amputated limb, but they sometimes also feel pain that feels like it’s coming from the now-absent appendage, known as phantom pain. Sometimes the pain can come from the wound opening, resulting in infection; other times it can be from less obvious causes, such as muscle contractures and deep vein thrombosis.

Mental symptoms – Losing a limb is a traumatic experience, one that can have a lasting psychological impact as well as a physical one. The effect of this range from depression, to negative body image, through to impaired social life, stemming from being unable to participate in activities they could before. Recuperation from amputation injury takes a multidisciplinary approach, comprising medical, physiological and occupational therapy, clinical psychology and social work. Treatment generally includes prosthetics, massage, physical therapy, psychiatric help and medication, and must adapt to the changing needs of the amputee. It can feel overwhelming for many, as though life will never be normal again.

Getting your life back

Rehabilitation for amputation can be a long and challenging process, involving physiotherapists, occupational therapists, prosthetists, clinical psychologists and social workers. If your amputation affects your ability to do basic daily tasks, your home may require modification to help you get around, or you may even have to move to a more suitable place in some cases. A successful compensation claim for amputation injury can help you get through this ordeal, pay for basic expenses and smoothen your transition to a new life. With the right support, you can start taking the first steps forward, no matter how many legs you have, and Romain Coleman will be right beside you every step of the way.

Amputation injury solicitors

At Romain Coleman, we’re experts in handling serious injury claims on behalf of our amputation injury clients. Our firm employs only qualified solicitors, unlike some of our large competitors who leave your case to less qualified ‘claims handlers’. With many years of experience in injury claims like yours, we know how to make the system work for you.

We’ll explain how the claims process works and list all of the potential outcomes, letting you make fully informed decisions. There are options on how to fund your claim, and we will discuss these with you in detail, giving our expert opinion but ultimately letting you make the choice you want.

Your appointed solicitor will take on your case from beginning to end, from the first free consultation all the way until you receive your settlement. We also like to meet all of our clients face-to-face for a proper discussion, rather than just a phone call, so if necessary we will make a house visit.

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