Making a catastrophic injury claim with Romain Coleman Solicitors

What is a catastrophic injury?

A catastrophic injury is one that results in permanent disability, long-lasting medical problems and reduced life expectancy. Examples of catastrophic injuries include brain and spinal trauma, internal organ damage, limb amputation and severe burns.

Types of catastrophic injury

The most common type of catastrophic injury comes from sudden and heavy impacts, which can result in serious brain or spinal injuries. The effects of this include paralysis, broken bones and limb amputation.

Burn injuries caused by fire, scalding liquids, electrical shock and corrosive chemicals also count as catastrophic injury as they can lead to infection, scarring and disfigurement. In severe cases, the infection can also lead to amputation of the affected limb.

Finally, there are catastrophic internal injuries, often seen in vehicular accidents. These are especially dangerous, as the injuries are not immediately evident to the victim and doctors, and they can deteriorate quickly if left untreated. Usually, these types of injuries are the most likely to result in death, as once infection sets in it can be incredibly hard to treat.

The effects of a catastrophic injury

In the vast majority of cases, lifelong rehabilitation is the most common treatment. It begins with the initial treatment of physical injuries, such as skin grafting to treat burns, followed by physical therapy to rebuild muscles. In injuries to the spine and brain, there may also be more emphasis placed on physiotherapy, due to the injured person typically spending a great deal of time in bed. Future treatment is often needed to fully repair catastrophic injuries, with some procedures spanning decades, and in some cases the damage is irreversible. Survivors often need modified vehicles, homes and other prosthetics and equipment for daily tasks. In cases where a patient is unable to care for him/herself, caregivers or institutional care may be needed, which can be costly for the person’s family.

When someone has experienced a catastrophic injury, they will often need long-term rehabilitative care in order to recover, or to at least attain the highest quality of life achievable. This usually involves continuous therapeutic care, in addition to initial and on-going medical treatment. With the loss of wages and earning potential, if another party was responsible then you can seek legal compensation to cover these losses. This is where we can help.

Specialist catastrophic injury claims solicitors

At Romain Coleman, our catastrophic injury solicitors have the know-how required to manage your case, as well as a database of experts we can call on, including occupational therapists, disabled-friendly realty specialists, special assistance technology experts, specialist dentists and vehicular specialists. Our network of specialists are called on to testify, as well as helping injured client adapt to a new life.

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