Making a serious eye injury claim with Romain Coleman Solicitors

A loss of sight

Eye injuries can have numerous causes, ranging from chemical burns, to mechanical injury, and even damage from intense light. An injury that causes loss of vision can be especially traumatising, as it will often change almost every aspect of your life. For a certain period of time it may also mean a loss of independence, as the injured person can no longer drive to work or engage in activities they would normally find easy.

The main types of eye injuries

The types of eye injury are relatively well separated from each other, meaning you will usually only experience one cause rather than multiple.

  • Chemical burns result when a caustic chemical enters the eye.
  • Mechanical injury occurs when the eye suffers scratches, cuts and blunt force blows.
  • Sometimes foreign objects may enter the eye socket without injuring the eye itself.
  • Light injury usually comes from excessive exposure to ultraviolet light or sunlight.

The symptoms from these can include varying degrees of pain and vision loss, and specialist treatment from an ophthalmologist is normally recommended.

Your serious eye injury claim

You may be in a lot of physical and emotional pain following your serious eye injury, with your future life and ability to support yourself in doubt. If you suffer an eye injury due to someone else’s negligence, we may be able to help through the financial issues you are likely facing.

When you work with us, we will apply for an interim payment for you as soon as possible. This will get you the treatment and rehabilitation you need to begin your path to recovery, as well as helping to deal with the monthly expenses that will pile up while you’re unable to work.

Specialist eye injury solicitors

At Romain Coleman, we want to our clients to be fully informed before they begin their claim for compensation. We hope you’ll make the most of our free first consultation by getting to know us, or by looking around our website. Once you make your decision, we can begin by discussing funding options and the best way forward for you, either in one of our offices or in the comfort of your own home. Our qualified solicitors pledge to speak to you clearly and plainly, and to constantly update you on the progress of your claim. You can count on them for the best advice, instead of the claim handlers that some other firms employ to manage their clients. Rest assured that we will give your claim the full attention that it deserves.

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