Claiming compensation for slipping on snow or ice

Woman slips on snowEmergency services across the UK saw an increase in slip-and-fall injuries last week when freezing weather dubbed “Beast from the East” swept across the country.

While it’s natural for pavements and roads to freeze up at sub-zero temperatures and it’s true that pedestrians venture out on to these surfaces at their own risk, third parties may still be liable for slip-and-fall accidents.

But who’s to blame for an accident aside from the unpredictable weather? As personal injury solicitors, we have the answers you’re looking for to make a weather-related accident claim.

Can I claim for slipping on ice?

If you slip on an icy pavement, you can claim for compensation under certain circumstances. Owners of public roads cannot control the weather, but they’re required by law to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of pedestrians by gritting roads and pavements whenever possible.

Are councils responsible for icy paths?

Different parties are responsible for different roads. Businesses must keep their customers safe, and similarly, your workplace must take steps to keep you safe on their property. This includes clearing pathways from snow and ice whenever possible.

Councils are responsible for pavement maintenance, but since they are unable to grit every single street, they employ a priority system. You can find out which roads your council grits using the government website.

If your accident happened on a road that should have been gritted or you fell on pavement that was poorly gritted, you might be eligible for compensation. However, you must consider the weather conditions at the exact time you fell. Could the ice have just formed? Had it been gritted earlier? There are various factors to take into consideration when making a claim, and an accident claim solicitor can help assess the prospects of your claim and put your mind at ease.

What documents and evidence does your personal injury solicitor need to see?

It is crucial that we understand the circumstances of your accident in detail. This means we’ll need documents such as:

  • A medical report with all your injuries and your recovery prognosis
  • Proof of any loss of earnings
  • Proof of expenses incurred due to your accident (e.g.: prescription costs, medication or physiotherapy costs)
  • Insurance documents
  • Details of any other accidents or claims you have already made

It’s important to note that serious injury values are based on a sliding scale, which depends on how severe they are and how likely you are to fully recover. Solicitors can only give you a rough idea of what your injury is worth, but you may be awarded more or less than the estimate.

How can Romain Coleman’s legal expertise in slip-and-fall injury claims help you?

As accident claim solicitors in London, we have considerable experience in pursuing slip-and-fall accident claims, and we have a good success rate in recovering damages for our clients. We have recovered damages from modest sums of a few thousand pounds to five-figure sums when our clients have been seriously injured. We have also pursued a successful claim when someone tripped and fell on an icy railway station platform.

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