How long does it take to buy a property?

Young Thoughtful Couple Sitting On Sofa Thinking Of Getting Their Own HouseBuying your dream home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. The length of the process can vary, depending on the way you are acquiring the property. Romain Coleman explains the factors that impact how long it takes to buy a property.

The speed at which you can move to a new house depends on various factors and several different people. If everyone involved in the process is motivated to move quickly, it can happen within a matter of weeks. The average time it takes to buy a property is around 8 to 12 weeks.

Here are the factors that influence how long it takes to buy a property.

Getting a mortgage

Most people will have to arrange a mortgage before they can buy a new home and this can take some time. There are different checks and extensive paperwork to fill in, as well as documents to submit, such as payslips and bank statements. It is essential to leave enough time to put your mortgage into place before you agree to a purchase. Alternatively, you can get a mortgage agreed in principle. This allows you to be informed about what the mortgage company will loan you and ultimately speed up the process. Overall, on average, it usually takes around 18 to 40 days to apply and get accepted for a mortgage.

Buying a house in Probate

Probate properties are owned by the estate of a deceased homeowner and the process to buy them can be long – from 6 months to even years. After the death of the homeowner, the executor must prove they have the legal right to administer and distribute the estate to the people who are the beneficiaries or have the legal right to put it for sale. This is usually through a real estate agency. Buying a property that’s in Probate will certainly take significantly longer than a standard purchase. It’s important that you carry out some due diligence on the property, so you are not faced with any stressful situations further down the line.

Buying a probate property although a potentially long process can be a great way for buyers to get their hands on a bargain. Let our experienced solicitors support you throughout the process and help you attain your new home.

Buying a Leasehold property

A leasehold property is where the property you are buying is built on land that is owned by someone else – known as the landlord. Most flats are leasehold properties, so if you are purchasing a flat, you should prepare yourself for your purchase taking longer than buying a freehold property. Your solicitor will have more to do as they have to review the lease, the information pack prepared on the ground rent that’s been paid and service charges attached to the property that would be payable to the landlord. There are several complex details that our experienced solicitors can explain to you, such as your rights as a leaseholder. This is crucial to ensure issues do not arise and delay the process of the purchase.


At Romain Coleman, our expert property solicitors can support you through the process of your property purchase, ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible. We also have a Property+Plus service, dedicated to property owners and landlords to answer any queries through the phone. Our goal is to provide an instant solution or a reliable recommendation on which legal course of action should be taken in response to any issues raised.

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