Legal advice for landlords

Legal advice landlord

Being a landlord comes with many risks and responsibilities. When issues arise, it is important that they are dealt with effectively in order to prevent further problems and potential financial loss.

We understand the stresses of being a landlord, so our expert landlord specialists can help you understand the legal complexities involved to ensure you are making the most out of renting out your property. We provide our support and services for several matters – we only represent landlords, not tenants.

At Romain Coleman, we have years of experience in providing expert legal advice to landlords and resolving issues that have arisen.

Legal services for landlords

There are a number of services that Romain Coleman can provide you as a landlord. Some of these services include:

  • Dilapidations – we can help you to ensure that your lease terms are correct to prevent a wrongful dilapidation claim from being made.
  • Disputes – we can support you to reach a positive solution with regards to any tenant/landlord disputes you may have.
  • Possession claims – we can help you establish a possession claim if a tenant owes you rent for your property.
  • Property disrepair claims – we can help you to protect yourself against a property disrepair claim that your tenant may bring against you if there is no substantial evidence to this claim.
  • Rent arrears – we can help you understand your evicting rights if you need to evict your tenant due to issues with rent payments.
  • Service charges – we can help you to establish who is responsible for the payment of service charges; either you as a landlord or your tenant.
  • Breach of convenience – we can help you understand your rights as a landlord regarding accessing your property in order to inspect it or to carry out repairs.

Whatever your needs as a landlord, we can provide you with the legal advice you require to make the best decisions for your future.

Romain Coleman can provide you with legal advice

London-based Romain Coleman has years of experience in landlord and tenant law. If you are a landlord or considering becoming one and would like legal advice surrounding the matters listed above, our landlord specialists can provide you with all the necessary information as well as legal services that you may require. If you need advice regarding an urgent issue, we can discuss your options and support you through the process, ensuring you reach the outcome you are satisfied with.

To speak to an experienced landlord solicitor now, call us on 0208 520 4555 or contact us online, and we’ll be happy to help.

This article was first written in 2017 and was updated on 09/10/2019

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