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Romain Coleman’s Property+Plus service is a dedicated helpline for buy-to-let landlords, commercial property owners, and homeowners looking to rent out their property.

It is tricky to be a landlord nowadays. In recent years, the UK government has introduced a series of measure such as phasing out tax relief on mortgage interest, setting energy efficiency standards to letting fees ban.

Each measure creates confusions among landlords, making the process of managing rental property more time-consuming and potentially risky. The reason is not every landlord has the time to read up every piece of legislation, let alone knowing what action to take.

At the same time, there are plenty of tenancy issues to manage. Being a landlord, you may be getting calls on everything from a broken boiler to tenants causing nuisance to neighbours. Some issues are easy to manage, but issues like tenants causing nuisance to neighbours, rent arrears and online libel require you the landlord to seek sound legal advice before taking action.

If you are wondering if there is a way in which you can get expert legal advice pertaining to property matters promptly and economically, then you may be interested in our Property+Plus service.

What is the Property+Plus service?

Property+Plus is a dedicated subscription-based helpline service providing legal advice to landlords and property owners. If you are a subscriber, you can call to ask anything from tenancy issues, statutory obligations relating to property, and other legal information which you need to manage your property effectively.

Who can benefit from the Property+Plus Service?

The purpose of Property+Plus is to help landlords resolve property issues with minimal cost or fuss.

The service is set up for commercial property owners, buy-to-let landlords, as well as homeowners who look to rent out their property.

The service gives landlords fast access to legal advice on a range of property matters, thereby allowing them to be in control and protect their property interests with valuable insight.

When the situation calls for landlords to take legal action, the service will make the appropriate recommendations.

What is included in the service?

  • Sharing our property expertise and specialist advice
  • Fast, effective responses
  • Rapid further action regarding your property issue (if necessary)
  • Suggestions for additional legal services

Common issues asked by Property+Plus subscribers

What are a landlord’s statutory obligations?

Before a landlord can rent out a property, there are a few basic legal requirements which the landlord must comply. Most people are aware of the gas, electrical, energy performance certificates, and tenancy deposit scheme. The main issue is that the law gets updated from time to time, and if you aren’t aware of the latest measure, you may put your investment at risk.

How can I resolve an argument with my landlord on leasehold enfranchisement?

Leasehold enfranchisement, the steps you are taking to extend your lease, or collective enfranchisement, the process you are taking to purchase a share of the freehold, is a subject that all leaseholders and their landlords must proceed with great care. It is always best to receive sound legal advice pertaining to leasehold enfranchisement or collective enfranchisement.

Can I evict my tenant who doesn’t pay rent?

Although an eviction sounds logical when your tenant doesn’t pay rent, in practice, you the landlord must follow the right procedures. Also, it is expected that Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, a notice that you must give the tenant to start the process to end the assured shorthold tenancy may be abolished sometime in the future. Use our Property+Plus service to discuss your situation with an independent property solicitor first.

Covenants in leases

Made to protect land, covenants can be divided into two broad categories: positive and restrictive. For leasehold property, the lease is likely to contain several covenants which the buyer (who is the tenant under the lease) must comply with. This can be a complicated area for buy-to-let leasehold property owners.

How can I protect my investment in a lease agreement for business premises?

Commercial landlords need to collect rents and use them to pay mortgages. One way to protect your investment is to create a detail lease agreement which includes how long the lease is, what flexibility you want before the lease comes to an end, what costs should be included, what types of business are allowed, and what are the responsibilities of you the landlords when it comes to maintaining the premises.

Can you help with repairing obligations, service charges, and insurance?

We can help you with issues arising under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. In particular, we focus on issues such as the obligations of landlords in terms of disrepair, the recovery of costs, and appropriate insurance cover.

Can I use a Right to Manage company to gain control and maintain the flats?

The Right to Manage offers a right for leaseholders to work together and take responsibility to the management of their flats. To ensure that this process is successful, clear objectives must be set and you (the leaseholder) and other leaseholders must understand be clear about the process.

How should I handle an anti-social tenant?

From tenants turning your place into a loud party flat to tenants who cause distress to neighbours, you the landlord must act quickly and appropriately once you have received the complaint from the neighbours or even the council.

Sign up to Romain Coleman’s Property+Plus service

At Romain Coleman, we have been helping landlords safeguard their investment has been our priority since 1964 and the Property+Plus service aims to give an extra helping hand to our clients.

The Property+Plus service provides instant advice or a reliable recommendation on which legal course of action should be taken in response to the issue raised. With our Property+Plus service, you can subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This gives you flexibility as you can adjust your subscription depending on when you need the service.

If you’d like to know more about how our Property+Plus service can benefit you, and how you can subscribe to this service, visit the Property+Plus page or call our team today on 0208 520 4555.


This article was first written in 2017 and was updated on 12/03/2020.

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