What can our Property+Plus service do for you?

Property Plus Service - Property advice with Romain Coleman Solicitors

Romain Coleman’s Property+Plus service is a dedicated helpline for landlords, homeowners and homebuyers.

At Romain Coleman, we continuously strive to improve our service in order to consistently provide effective support and advice to our clients. Our Property+Plus service gives you access to a helpline dedicated to providing legal advice on a wide range of potential property issues.

Who can benefit from the Property+Plus service?

The service is set up for commercial property owners, residential landlords, and homebuyers to connect with experienced legal specialists at Romain Coleman for advice on a range of fields. From assistance with legal issues to valuable insight and support regarding your property- no matter how simple or complex your query is, the helpline is available at your convenience.

As a commercial or residential landlord, you may have complications regarding your business that commonly arise during domestic or business property purchases or disputes.

As a homeowner or a potential homebuyer, we can help you to simplify the legal rights and obligations that you are entitled to know about. The legal details are complex yet very important therefore we will help you understand them as well as further support you in the process.

Subscribing to the Property+Plus service with Romain Coleman can give you the help you need to ensure the safeguarding of your property.

What is included in the service?

  • Sharing our property expertise and specialist advice
  • Fast, effective responses
  • Rapid further action regarding your property issue (if necessary)
  • Suggestions for additional legal services

Sign up to Romain Coleman’s Property+Plus service

At Romain Coleman, our Property+Plus service will provide an instant solution or a reliable recommendation on which legal course of action should be taken in response to the issue raised. With our Property+Plus service, you can subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This gives you flexibility as you can adjust your subscription depending on when you need the service.

If you’d like to know more about how our Property+Plus service can benefit you, and how you can subscribe to this service, visit the Property Plus page or call our team today on 0208 520 4555.

This article was first written in 2018 and was updated on 02/10/2019.

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