The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Wills

Will and Testament templateMany people are under the impression that wills can be scribbled down on just about any piece of paper. Although this is true in theory, handmade wills tend to cause more complications than you may think.

Writing a will is the responsible thing to do. When you draw up a will, you’re making sure your loved ones are looked after and your estate is protected after you’re gone. Without one, these decisions are out of your hands and the law decides who inherits what. Even if your situation is straightforward, a will is a good idea as it can help reduce the inheritance tax your relatives will have to pay.

It’s a tempting idea to opt for cheap Last Will and Testament kits available online to save money, but the use of DIY solutions requires the utmost attention. Even minor mistakes in your document can render your will invalid.

Here are some common mistakes you can make in a DIY will

  • You spelt someone’s name wrong.
  • You changed your mind and wrote a new will but didn’t revoke the earlier version, leaving multiple wills behind.
  • You didn’t follow the strict witnessing rules. DIY wills require two independent adults as witnesses to sign at the same time and they cannot be your beneficiaries.
  • Your situation in life changed but you didn’t amend your will to reflect this.
  • You added amendments without initials, dates and witnesses.
  • You missed something important. People tend to just focus on their finances and may overlook aspects, such as naming guardians for your children. This is a common error especially for people who rely solely on templates.
  • You promised things you are legally not able to provide or that are against the law.
  • Your instructions are cryptic. They make sense to you and only you.
  • You left your will in a secure place that nobody can find.

What are the benefits of drawing up a will with a solicitor?

When you use a solicitor to write your will, you can be confident that:

  • Your will is free of errors and it’s valid.
  • Your will is in safe hands.
  • Your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.
  • Your loved ones will be taken care of.
  • Your estate will be protected.

Making a will with Romain Coleman

Romain Coleman has helped a wide range of clients with their wills over the past 40 years in London. We can help you draw up a will that makes sure your interests are protected and your loved ones are well looked after. Our expert solicitors will sit with you to address any requirements you may have, and we can also offer legal advice regarding potential tax issues, such as inheritance tax, that will come about during the later probate process.

All initial enquiries are free of charge, so why not talk to us about our will-writing and probate services today.